Maltese - Chinese Chamber of Commerce

About China HRDC Training Programs for Malta 

On the basis of equality, mutual benefit and common development, China provides governmental aid to recipient countries. The purpose of China's Aid Program is to fulfill its obligations to international community and help recipient countries in ways of strengthening their self-development capacity, enriching and improving their peoples' livelihood, and promoting their economic growth and social progress. Funds provided by China for governmental aid mainly fall into three types: grants (aid gratis), interest-free loans and concessional loans. 

As far as Malta is concerned , interest-free loans from China funded Red Dock Program in Malta in 1972. Grants from China in projects like Serenity Garden in Santa Lucija,are testaments to the ongoing Malta-China relationship.

Human Resource Development and Cooperation funded by China (HRDC) is an inalienable part of China Aid Programs to Malta. With the trend of internationalization and globalization, HRDC is playing increasingly an important role in Malta- China bilateral cooperation. In the past decade, 27 Maltese from organizations like MFEI, NSO and ME participated in HRDC training program, the subjects of which include economy, finance, tourism, logistics, commerce/business, investment and trade, information, renewable nergy, climate change etc.. 

Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM) is the Chinese sponsor for HRDC program and supportive job in Malta falls on the Economic & Commercial Counselor's Office, Embassy of China in Malta. To facilitate bilateral cooperation, in the coming years, this office will focus on Aid Programs to Malta, among which HRDC needs assistance from Maltese side in terms of trainee recommendation and selection and related procedures. In this regard, this office hopes to establish close relations with Maltese organizations who are interested in HRDC. 

Generally, a typical HRDC program consists of: lectures from experts, professors and governmental officials; on-site visit to companies and enterprises; workshops; cultural tour and sightseeing.

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