Maltese - Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Here follows the text of the speech made by Chev Maurice Mizii at the Annual MCCC Dinner hosted at his home.




If we were to imagine ourselves simply as an audience, we would be amused at the events of Brexit.


The UK has decided through a referendum to leave the EU. Nothing wrong with that, but the decision was greatly influenced by the older generation and by pensioners against the wishes of teenagers and youngsters the majority of whom wished to remain.  In my opinion this was most unfair on the future generation.

Several voters consulted their computers on the effects of Brexit AFTER they had voted.  NOT before.


Then we have Scotland and London wishing to re-enter the EU as soon as Britain will have left in two and a half years from now. I will not mention the impossible dream of some people who are hoping that Brexit will not happen.

Unfortunately for them the oracle has spoken.




All this should provide good material for my imaginary writer of comedies.


Unfortunately, we are not just watching a play. We are the actors and these events sooner or later will affect our lives.


However, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.


In Malta we could benefit by an information campaign aimed at manufacturing and other companies in the UK to transfer their operations to Malta thus providing them with an easier and less costlier entry into the EU.

With the effect of globalisation, no country is protected and even far away China has felt Brexit’s effects. Stock exchanges throughout the world were seriously down.  

Even though only 2.6 per cent of Chinese exports find their way to the UK the Yuan suffered the biggest drop since its devaluation last August. 



Our Chamber while perturbed at recent events in Europe are optimistic on China’s investment in Malta by Shanghai Electric as well as the first steps taken by that giant company Huawei.


Our Chamber does not believe that these companies have set up their offices in our islands just to service 400 000 inhabitants and the visiting tourists. In fact, Shanghai Electric besides providing us with electricity is already looking to expand its activities to other European countries using Malta as a base.

We will know more of the benefits of our agreements with these two Chinese companies in Malta when all the conditions of the contracts will be revealed in December as promised by our Prime Minister.


Globalisation is affecting everybody’s lives and in spite of China trying to retain its culture and traditions it is being invaded by western ideas.


The latest intrusion was the opening on 16 of June this year of Disney’s 5.5-billion-dollar Theme Park in Shanghai importing American culture in the form of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto and influencing in a subtle way China’s young generation.


With the increasing use of IT products globalisation is here to stay.


However, this has not hindered China’s economic results and even now this country in many ways could be regarded as the world’s leading industrial nation surpassing even the United States.


Furthermore, Chinese students in Foreign universities rose from 417 thousand in 2006 to nearly a million in 2015. A good omen for China’s future.


There are also over 1 million electric cars in China – another good omen for the environment.


Our Chamber is looking forward to helping any Maltese company to export its products to China as well as to induce large Chinese companies to follow Shanghai Electric’s example and seriously set up shop in Malta to invade Europe and North African markets when the useless fighting in Libya will finally stop.


Any Chinese delegation visiting Malta is welcome and the Chamber would like to have more information of these visits by the various Maltese Ministries in order for it to offer its help and cooperation to these visiting delegations.


We are sure that the Chinese industrialist arriving for the first time in our island would be reassured by the knowledge of the activities of our Chamber and would wish to consult our Council Members four of whom are Chinese nationals.

The Chamber would like to thank most heartily Minister Cardona for giving us the use of an office and a boardroom in the Millenium Buildings in Marsa where we have a paid secretary.  This has made a great difference to our operation.  


The future plans for the Chamber is to have a Chinese person or office in Shanghai in order initially to have a presence.

We would also like to increase our membership as well as to see more interaction between our chamber and our members.


I cannot end this short speech without thanking my fellow Council members for their work particularly Isabella Vella who was responsible for this evening’s event.


I thank also Mrs Qiu Quangling, the Commercial Attaché, who not only sits on our Council but is always ready to help the Chamber.


May I on behalf of my Council and myself wish His Excellency Mr. Jiang Jiang a happy and fruitful stay in our island.


I have a feeling that he will find it difficult emotionally to leave when his term of office comes to an end.


Last but not least the Council thanks our sponsors HSBC for their financial help and our treasurer Gaetano Sammut, a member of this bank.  HSBC has helped so many companies to develop their potential.  



I hope you will continue to enjoy the evening with pianist Godwin Lucas, 17-year-old student Jasmine and Georgina and in the meantime my imaginary author of the play with the name “Brexit - What a disaster!” will be following surprises as they unveil during the next two and a half years.