Maltese - Chinese Chamber of Commerce

The idea to set up the Maltese – Chinese Chamber of Commerce came up during a trip to China in October, 2010 by the founders of the organisation, - Mr Maurice Mizzi; Mr. Ian Mizzi and Mr. Reno Calleja the latter being a long time veteran of Maltese – Sino relations.

It was recognised that while many country specific business organisations existed, there was no such organisation covering China. A general meeting was organised on the 31st. January, 2011, with the help of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry to gauge the interest of such an organisation. The response was astounding with over 200 business people attending. The audience included prominent businessmen, lawyers and politicians. The meeting was graciously chaired by the President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Mrs. Helga Ellul. Those present were addressed by H.E. Chinese Ambassador to Malta, Mr. Keyuan Zhang, who pointed out that the date of the meeting had a particular significance as it marked the 39th. Anniversary from the establishment of relations between China and Malta.

The objectives of the Maltese – Chinese chamber of Commerce are:

  • To advance the interests of its Members in trade with China;
  • To collect and distribute information on judicial and/or regulatory matters, on trade and industry which could be of specific importance to its Members;
  • To represent the interests of its Members on matters of bilateral trade and industry vis‐à‐vis the respective authorities, political and private organisations and the public;
  • To do all that which is necessary to promote, encourage and facilitate commerce between the relevant countries in close cooperation and coordination with The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry which acts as partner to the MCCC;
  • To provide assistance, information and support to the local commercial, industrial and services community and to educate and encourage local human resources in relation to research, development, marketing, sales, exporting, management and training within the scope of MCCC’s role;
  • To promote, support or oppose any legislative or other measures which affect the interests of MCCC and its Members;
  • To encourage, establish and support initiatives which lead to the establishment of new business ventures within MCCC’s area of interest;
  • To increase public awareness of the potential of business opportunities that exist in doing business with China;
  • To maintain regular contact with other chambers of commerce in China and other countries in question and coordinate efforts and/or activities which are in the common interest of all partner chambers concerned;
  • The operations of the Chamber shall not be carried out with the objective of making profits, but may include the rendering of services especially for its Members in conformity with the above objectives in return for remuneration. The Chamber can also assist non‐members with their services but strictly on the basis of remuneration for expenses incurred and time allocated for requested activities.